54 Reman

54 Reman Inc. is a modernized remanufacturing plant that can process all species of lumber. Our plant has the capacity to cut custom sizes and custom plane to R/H, S4S and S1S2E. Our 14 sorting lines allow for your specified sorting needs and ensure your product is export grade. If you require patterns we are able to produce Channel, T&G, Ship lap, Bevel and are able to trim inline to specification. Your lumber can be processed with our vertical twin band and / or horizontal resaws. We offer full packaging services for domestic and export markets. All of this is done by our experienced staff who make the 54 Reman team worth a visit. Call our office to arrange an appointment. We look forward to helping you with all of your Remanufacturing needs.

54 Reman Inc. 19315 54 Ave, Surrey. BC V3S 8E5
(604) 572-5454


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